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Oyster Bay Water Sports Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Information

- Bookings are first come first serve. We reserve the right to cancel any booking due to inclement weather, scheduling, equipment availability, or other reason.

- Minimum Booking is 1.5hr or $495. Gift certificate balance will be applied to total charter cost.

- 30 Minutes = $165; 1 hour = $330; 1.5 hours = $495; 2 hours = $660

- Charters have a 6 passenger limit.

To make a booking, email, text 516-413-1930, or contact us via our website.

Our Location

Oyster Bay, Long Island is the pristine location for boating. Offering both calm water and incredible views the harbor allows for both great conditions for water sports and a great place to relax on beautiful summer days.

Pristine location - 1 hour from NYC, 40 minutes from the South Shore

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